Welcome to the Jonestown Memorial website. This site was established and is operated by John Cobb, a former Peoples Temple member and Jonestown survivor. Unlike other sites, the media contained herein are exclusively derived from former Peoples Temple members and Jonestown survivors. 

The website is a living tribute to the family, friends and loved ones who passed on November 18, 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana SA. The Jonestown living memorial website was a project that Jonestown survivor, John Cobb envisioned and created as a natural accompaniment to the Jonestown Memorial at Evergreen Cemetery. 

Thank you to the Jonestown Memorial Committee (John Cobb, Jim Jones Jr. and Rebecca Moore) and Evergreen Cemetery (Buck Kamphuasen, Ron Haulman) for completing the Memorial Site in Oakland, California.

I would also like to thank the California Historical Society for the use of their photos and to Kathryn Barbour, the author of the book Who Died for helping to create the database.

41st Jonestown Memorial Gathering

The gathering of Jonestown survivors at Evergreen Cemetery on the 41st Anniversary.

Tim Carter

Jonestown Survivor, Tim Carter speaks at the 40th Anniversary Memorial Service. 

John Cobb

Jonestown survivor, John Cobb introduces the Jonestown Memorial website at the 40th Anniversary Memorial Service.

Stephan Jones

Jonestown survivor, Stephan Jones speaks at the 40th Anniversary Memorial Service.

Eugene Smith

Jonestown survivor, Eugene Smith speaks at the Jonestown 40th Anniversary Memorial Service.

Raphael Cobb

Raphael Cobb, daughter of survivor, John Cobb presents the memorial dedication.

Nicole Ruffo

Jordan Vilchez

Jim Jones Jr